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Welcome To New Hope


Our Services

We specialize in many counseling areas, including family counseling, teens and children, marital counseling, relationships, depression and anxiety, and addictions. 

Our Counselors

Whether you are experiencing difficulties or want to use counseling for personal growth, our counselors are here to journey with you.

Contact Us

Located in downtown Indianapolis, we seek to join you on your journey to find renewed direction, relief from suffering, and an increased sense of hope in life. 


New Hope Counseling is a nonprofit organization providing professional services in a convenient downtown location. We believe that all people are made in God’s image and are thus beautiful and complex. We value community, and we will help you access the resources in your life as we support you in the challenges you are facing into. We do not practice a one-size-fits-all therapy style, and we welcome people of all faiths or no faith, and from all walks of life.

Whatever your beliefs, values, and goals may be, we will meet you with compassionate and non-judgmental hearts.  

Who We Are

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