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We Are Here To Serve

We provide counseling for children, teens, and adults.


New Hope provides counseling services for individuals. Whether you are looking for proactive growth or guidance through a challenging time, we are here to walk alongside you.

Couples & Family

We work with couples who are dating, engaged or married. Family counseling includes crisis counseling, family functioning, marital dynamics, and divorce recovery. 

Child & Adolescent

New Hope provides counseling for everyone, regardless of age or life stage. Children and teenagers are welcome here, too.

Our Specialties Include:

Abuse (Sexual, Physical, Verbal, & Emotional)  ·  Addiction  ·  ADHD/ADD  ·  Alcohol Abuse  ·  Anger & Frustration  ·  Anxiety & Fear  ·  Bipolar Disorder  ·  Co-dependency  ·  Communication  ·  Crisis  ·  Depression  ·  Divorce Recovery  ·  Eating Disorders  ·  Extra-Marital Affair Recovery  ·  Family Issues  ·  Grief and Loss  ·  Loneliness  ·  Marriage Issues  ·  Men's Issues  ·  Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (OCD)  ·  Phobias  ·  Premarital  ·  Parenting Challenges  ·  Pornography  ·  Personality Disorders  ·  Relationship Issues  ·  Self-Injury  ·  Sexuality  ·  Sexual Abuse  ·  Singleness Concerns  ·  Spiritual Issues  ·  Step-Family Issues  ·  Stress  ·  Trauma  ·  Women's Issues


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